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In todayís fast moving industrial world, the need for

environmental planning and support is perhaps greater

than ever.

Low Impact Environmental can help to ensure that your

proposed projects are biologically, economically, socially and culturally

sustainable. We have the knowledge and hands on experience, gained from years of working in the oil and gas industry, to understand your needs and help make your projects run efficiently and cost effectively. The desire to protect and enhance our natural world while promoting economic prosperity is what drives Low Impact Environmental to ensure your job satisfaction.

 Low Impactís project management abilities ensure quality work with attention to the big picture and small details. Effective coordination of Low Impact Environmental personnel and subcontractors will guarantee expert knowledge in a variety of areas including vegetation, wildlife, soils, archaeology, water quality and regulatory management. Low Impact Environmental realizes that strategic planning is the key to a job well done and we can accomplish this safely, efficiently and on time.

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